“With all of these, take the shield of faith, with which you will be able to quench all the flaming arrows of the evil one.”
– Ephesians 6:16 (NRSV)

Faith is the ability to trust that everything is going to be OK. We are going to survive. Nothing evil will overtake us because we trust that God has us in the palm of His hand. This does not mean we won’t be attacked, bad things won’t happen to us or some days we just won’t have things we feel we need. To have faith means we know God will walk us through those times, providing for our needs, caring for us, protecting us. During those times He will restore us and draw us to Him. We have faith to believe He is- or as the Old Testament calls God “I AM”. I AM is the the all sufficient.

The Shield of Faith is used both as a protective and combative instrument. Faith protects us. As the world ruthlessly spreads it’s lack of compassion, it’s foulness and it’s self-centered ideologies; we have a weapon called Faith. Faith leads us to know God is in control no matter what happens. Faith believes, hopes and loves regardless of the situation. It empowers us to be men and women of God no matter how much stress and difficulty we are going through. We can choose how we are going to respond through the power of faith.

I often envision myself in a round camping pop tent. Inside the tent with me is brother Jesus. The storm is raging outside. The enemy is shooting flaming arrows. The war is going on in the worst weather conditions, but I am protected by this tent. Everything is bouncing off the outside of this tent. Believe me I am frightened, but I am protected. This tent is Faith. But it’s not my faith really, it’s the faith of Jesus who is in the tent with me. I don’t have that kind of faith to believe everything will be OK, but He does.

Faith is the tool we have access to in order to manage life and get through the hard times. As with all the Armor of God, it is His faith that we live under. Our faith to believe is not much, but if we combine with His faith, then we can not only survive the storm but we can move mountains in the middle of it.

Faith restores us regardless of how broken we are, or from where brokenness originated- the world, natural disaster, from the enemy’s attacks, the attacks of another person or our own flesh and sin. Faith will give us the strength to recover from sin and truly repent of our actions. It keeps us from returning to sin. I pray all those who trust in our Father will experience true God inspired, God breathed faith.

“Father grant us your faith – the faith to truly believe you love us and you will always be with us no matter what we go through. Help us to know in our heart of hearts that we will be ok, even in the darkest trials. We want Your faith God. Thank you. In Jesus’ name.”

©2017 MARK BLAIR GLUNT – USE ONLY BY PERMISSION.  Please repost, but don’t plagiarize.
Give credit where credit is due, always.

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