I despise the feeling of nothingness
I bore of passionless embrace
The emptiness of the soul
As I sit here in waste
So I fall in love, perhaps you unaware

I fall in love to pass the time away
I fall in love because I need to find hope in something, anything
I fall in love because I need to put my passion towards something meaningful
And oh, you truly mean so much to me

In the night I dream, In the morning I obsess
You fill my thoughts over and over
I like that feeling of euphoria as I think about you
You and me together, happily for ever

I fall in love because I am the hopeless romantic
I need an object to put my desires
Something worthy, someone worthy
The strong brave mare who lights my day

I know I am alive when I dream of the future
What might be, what could be, all those scenarios run my time away
Dreaming, hoping, scheming of the future so bright
Together we stand in my dreams

I fall in love because it is easier to dream love than live it
In a perfect world, in perfect time, we are there
Making a life together, working towards a common goal
’cause in my dreams there are no arguments, no discontentment
There is only unending passion and fulfillment

Perhaps that is why I am in love with love today
Because my dreams never fail me.
It requires no work and matters not your will
You will always be there and I will always love the thought of you.

©2017 MARK BLAIR GLUNT – USE ONLY BY PERMISSION.  Please repost, but don’t plagiarize.
Give credit where credit is due, always.

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