The problem of sin is not exclusively the wrongdoing- the action or what we have done. We simply took the bait. The real issue is the breaking of communion we have with God, others and/or internally with ourselves. Sin casts it’s own judgement on us. It holds us captive, away from fellowship with God. It’s not God’s judgement but our own judgement we serve ourselves and others. To repent is to turn back to God. Don’t get hung up on what you’ve done, but realize that you have walked away from relationship with the Divine. Once that relationship is restored then we may need to restore the relationship we have with ourselves and/or others we have offended. God understands the enticement, after all Jesus experienced the same. But Jesus never broke fellowship with God. He also understands it is human nature to take the bait. God’s desire is that we remain in relationship with Him at all times. That after all is the way we were designed- to be in relationship with Him, others and ourselves. The important thing is to get back with it. Hold your relationship with God as the grand prize not the absence of sin, nor the judgement we impose on other people’s sin or our own. These battles can never be won. Victory is always found in the restoration of our relationship with and through brother Jesus.

©2017 MARK BLAIR GLUNT – USE ONLY BY PERMISSION.  Please repost, but don’t plagiarize.
Give credit where credit is due, always.

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