The emptiness is never alone
Due to the thoughts which flood my mind
My thoughts swirl, ebb and flow
Round and round they go

To be alone never really means to be alone
Because I’ve got those parts of me which keep me company
My reason, my emotions and my passion
They all speak to me if I take the time to listen

With them I can navigate the path
The clean sidewalks, the grassy fields and the steep mountains
Through the storms and clear skies
Each leads, Each follows, they walk side by side

And every now and then, we hear our Father’s call
“Gather together friends, we have work to do”
And sometimes, “You are walking the wrong way!”
Or our favorite, “I just want to spend time with you”

So we sit at His feet and listen
As we hear the voice of comfort
He teaches a thing or two
And sends us on our way, But never alone
We have Him and always each other

©2017 MARK BLAIR GLUNT – USE ONLY BY PERMISSION.  Please repost, but don’t plagiarize.
Give credit where credit is due, always.

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