Armor of God: Gospel of Peace

“As shoes for your feet put on whatever will make you ready to proclaim the gospel of peace.”
– Ephesians 6:14

For many years I have been involved in peace and social justice issues. The call on my life has always lead me to the poor, the suffering, the rejected, the outcast. I still feel very strong about these issues, but new light over the word “peace” has developed as I have been meditating and praying the armor of God passages over this past year (Ephesians 6:10-18).

We, the children of light, are men and women of peace. There are many scriptures speaking of this. This peace is something internal, which is projected on to the external. Peace is not the absence of struggle, but a frame of mind, a paradigm. We can be under much stress, even suffering but still have peace.

Peace is the presence of God. The only way to truly have peace is to be conscious of our walk with God. Conscious of His goodness no matter what we are walking through. It is His peace which I want in my life- to lead me, to comfort me and to use me to comfort others. Away from God, my peace is not much. In fact it is well tainted with my agenda. But His peace will break hearts, mend hearts, heal lives and bring about the faith, hope and love we all desperately seek.

So let’s prepare our feet for battle with the Gospel of Peace. Let His peace rule in our lives. Submit to God’s peace.

“Father it is Your peace we want today – the quiet which gets us through these stressful, anxious, overly busy days. We want to be filled with Your peace so greatly that those around us sense Your presence and want to rest with us. Help us to take Your peace into all the world, proclaiming Your goodness, Your mercy and Your truth. In the name of Jesus.”

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33 Years Today

Well I made it. 33 years today clean and sober walking with Jesus. What a journey… All I can say is I am grateful for the day I gave up trying and finally surrendered and every day since when I did the same. Father you alone are my salvation, my hope, my restorer. I thank you! I am also grateful for friends and family (Church, AA & otherwise) who have been there when I needed them the most.

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You struck me down with your words from out of nowhere
Words that cut through like a knife
I trusted you with my very life
And you left me standing mouth wide open

You implemented me, tore me apart with your accusations
Stuck a noose around my neck and pulled
until I could no longer breathe
Not ending me, but stopping so you could once again

Your comments pierced my heart like dipuc’s arrow
Instead of love it was viscous and hateful
Love was what I thought you had
But lies, exaggeration and extortion it became

Your assault left me frozen in fear
Like little Tumnus’ after the war
You enslaved me until I named you
I searched until I found the word… “Betrayal”

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“But I say to you, Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you,” – Matthew 5:44 (NRSV)

“Lord give us strength to love and not become hard hearted. We know that it doesn’t take long for our hearts to harden if we let bitterness in- whether it’s justified in our own mind or not. Don’t let us get our cues from the media, our culture or our heritage- but directly from You. You are The Source. Help us to serve You with a tender heart – a heart of flesh. This is Your word and Your word is truth. Empower us to do what You have called us to do. You are our strength, our anchor, our healer and our restorer. Thank you.”

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Problem of Sin is the Breaking of Relationship

The problem of sin is not exclusively the wrongdoing- the action or what we have done. We simply took the bait. The real issue is the breaking of communion we have with God, others and/or internally with ourselves. Sin casts it’s own judgement on us. It holds us captive, away from fellowship with God. It’s not God’s judgement but our own judgement we serve ourselves and others. To repent is to turn back to God. Don’t get hung up on what you’ve done, but realize that you have walked away from relationship with the Divine. Once that relationship is restored then we may need to restore the relationship we have with ourselves and/or others we have offended. God understands the enticement, after all Jesus experienced the same. But Jesus never broke fellowship with God. He also understands it is human nature to take the bait. God’s desire is that we remain in relationship with Him at all times. That after all is the way we were designed- to be in relationship with Him, others and ourselves. The important thing is to get back with it. Hold your relationship with God as the grand prize not the absence of sin, nor the judgement we impose on other people’s sin or our own. These battles can never be won. Victory is always found in the restoration of our relationship with and through brother Jesus.

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Armor of God: Breastplate of Righteousness

“and put on the breastplate of righteousness”
– Ephesians 6:14b

Righteousness means right-standing. When we talk about righteousness we are talking about our ability to commune with God- To know Him and to be known by Him. We are in right standing with Him in order for us to have a relationship. When we stand in righteousness we are not God’s enemy or have done nothing against Him, but blameless in His presence.

We are in battle with a ruthless enemy. The word devil means accuser. That is exactly what he does. He accuses the children of God by saying we are no good or we don’t deserve to live a healthy, empowered life, that we are nothing or nobodies, that we always mess everything up, and the list goes on. He may accuse others pushing the blame away from us to others. He leads us to gossip about others. If we are not careful, walking with the Spirit of God, we will fall for his tricks, leaving us powerless and feeling helpless. Or in the case of using us to accuse others- leaving them powerless and helpless.

Accusing is a typical tactic of our enemy. He always takes a little truth and mixes it up with a who lot of lies. The truth is we are not deserving and we will never be, because of our consistent walking away from God. Even the best of people do not always walk with God. Even if we did everything right, we still fall short because of how much we really need Him. We can’t ever be so good enough that we don’t need Him.

But the lie that comes with the truth mentioned above is there is nothing we can do about it, so we might as well give up. But the real truth is we aren’t right, but all Jesus has done for us was done to restore us to Him. It is His righteousness that we stand with, not our own. And it is His righteousness that others stand strong in. We are going to fail, but it is His right standing which restores us and empowers us and makes us worthy to stay in relationship with Him.

It is always about Him, not about us. He has done it all for us. We just need to proclaim it and walk forward in the power of His name. We must tell the accuser when he speaks that junk to us, “We have the breastplate of righteousness, Jesus’ righteousness covers us”. So push those thoughts away. WE ARE FREE! Now we can go into all the world and proclaim this freedom, realizing how weak we are but how strong we really are in Him.

“God I thank you that it is in your righteousness we stand. Thank you that you have made me a child of God. I choose today to not listen to the taunts and move forward in the life you have called me to live. I choose today to not accuse myself or others, but to receive your grace into my life to free me from myself. I choose your righteousness over mine and over the voice of the accuser. I put on the breastplate of Your righteousness today. Raise me up in the name of Jesus.”

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